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Our Team

It's a pleasure to introduce you to the Gawler Primary School Team.

Our website automatically displays every team member, but you are able to sort by category – Leadership, Teaching Staff, SSO – by using the drop down menu above the photos. To learn more about an individual team member, simply click on their name.

Pinnock, Jenny

Jenny Pinnock

Deputy Principal

Button, Jo

Jo Button

Science Teacher, Acting Deputy Principal

Powell, Melisa

Melisa Powell


Walker, Rebekah

Rebekah Walker

Finance Officer

Clarson, Maddison

Maddison Clarson

Teacher, Reception

Kuhl, Holly

Holly Kuhl

Teacher, Years 1 – 2

Pratt, Tina

Tina Pratt

Teacher, Years 1 – 2

Lawrence, Jane

Jane Lawrence

Teacher, Year 3

Smale, Luke

Luke Smale

Teacher, Years 4 – 5

Fountain, Amanda

Amanda Fountain

Teacher, Years 5 – 6

Manno, Shanice

Shanice Manno

Teacher, Years 6 – 7

Amner, Melissa

Melissa Amner

Teacher, Japanese

Bryan, Kelly

Kelly Bryan

School Support Officer

, Trudi


School Support Officer

Hayden, Kerry

Kerry Hayden

School Support Officer

Price, Kimberley

Kimberley Price

School Support Officer

Schmaal, Jakob

Jakob Schmaal

Aboriginal Community Education Officer

Schmidt, Ben

Ben Schmidt

School Support Officer

Steel, Hannah

Hannah Steel

School Support Officer

Tye, Tracy

Tracy Tye

School Support Officer

Gawler Primary School Staff

Clare Whitwell

School Support Officer

Gawler Primary School Staff

Kimberley Winter

Pastoral Care Worker