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South Australia Department of Education Government of South Australia

School Governing Council

Governing councils are bodies that govern a school or preschool. At South Australian Government schools and preschools (sites):
• every school's local community is represented by either a governing council or a school council
• preschools might have either a governing council or a management committee.
The site leader (school principal or preschool director) works together with the council or management committee to develop future directions for their site.

All parents are welcome to join the Governing Council via nomination at the annual AGM.

2023 Council Members:

Natasha Winter, Chairperson
Rachael Mahoney, Deputy Chairperson
Louise Egan, Secretary
David Reiman, Treasurer

Melisa Cavallaro

Stephanie Niblett

Seonaid Emmerson

Trudi Enright

Melisa Powell

Staff representatives:

Celeste Matthews, Principal & Stephanie Docherty, Teacher


David Reiman & Natasha Winter

David Reiman