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Gawler Primary School has a strong belief that early intervention in a child’s learning can make a big difference to their outcomes. Our intervention program is run by SSO Tracy Tye, and includes several intervention strategies for both literacy and numeracy.

MultiLit’s heavily-researched Minilit and MacLit are the literacy programs that Tracy is trained to deliver to small groups of children. These fast paced programs designed to assist children with their sounds and reading ability and are provided in 10 week blocks. Children are tested for their eligibility for entry into each program and Tracy oversees the progress of each and every student involved.

“Big Idea’s in Numbers” is the numeracy focus in Tracy’s interventions. Her intervention room is stocked full of valuable math's resources to help assist children who require a little extra help in understanding numbers, number patterns and maths in general. Tracy is highly trained in the delivery of this program and, rest assured, if your child needs her assistance she will ensure results.

Several SSOs are trained in the What’s the Buzz program, which is delivered to children needing extra assistance in developing their social and emotional skills. This is a program made up of 48 lessons and 3 streams. Children are selected for this program by referral from the classroom teacher.

Gawler Primary School employs eight curriculum SSOs across seven classes, who are all committed to supporting the education of our students. SSOs operate on a regular daily timetable moving between students who need 1:1, group or general class support.