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Friendly Schools

In 2019 Gawler Primary School introduced the Friendly School Program, which is researched and distributed by Telethon Kids Institute.

Until 2021 the Greater Gawler Partnership of schools employed a Friendly Schools representative to deliver and set up this program throughout member schools.

The Friendly Schools program focuses on Social, Emotional and Anti Bullying Initiatives. Developed with over 20 years of research, it is nationally and internationally recognised for enhancing student health and wellbeing.

All teachers and curriculum SSOs have participated in extensive training in the delivery of Friendly Schools at Gawler Primary School. At our site the most successful ideas we implemented was “Friendly Schools lunch time play”. In the middle area (between the main building and library) students set up a range of activities to access at lunch time. These activities are generally games that are designed for multiple participants. Some of these games include giant jenga, checkers and connect 4. There is an outdoor bean bag area to relax and chill with other students or read a book. Other activities include Uno, giant Lego and polydron building.

The outdoor play area has provided a space for children to come if they don’t have someone to play with. Our on-site pastoral care worker frequents this space and is very competitive at Uno!

There are many units of Friendly Schools that have been implemented within the classroom to educate the students in supporting our anti bullying policy at Gawler Primary School.